Dexter and Harpell Excavating Contractors was founded in 1971 by Tom Dexter and George Harpell. They did everything from spreading topsoil on sports fields to installing septic systems. Over the course of time their focus changed to accommodate a growing demand for screened topsoil, and D&H Loam was born! After more than 45 years in the business, Dexter and Harpell is one of the premier suppliers of topsoil and custom soils in the state.


Currently D&H Loam operates in two different ways. Our home base is a soil processing and mixing operation at our yard at 2352 Main St. Concord, MA. In addition we provide off-site work to our large customers with our portable screening and mixing equipment. We are capable of screening thousands of cubic yards of natural soil, or producing thousands of cubic yards of custom soils. Our materials can be either delivered or picked up. The yard also accepts certain recyclable materials including raw topsoil, sod, fill, sand, and gravel. We service the local area in the spring, summer, and fall with locally produced landscape products such as mulch and stone.

Our Team