We offer mulch sale and mulch delivery to our customers and provide nothing but top quality black bark mulch, hemlock bark mulch, playground mulch, woodchips and more.

See below for the variety of quality mulch products we offer and if we have what you need, give us a call at 1(978)-897-4901!

Hemlock Bark Mulch
Hemlock Bark Mulch – A natural, dye free mulch made from real hemlock bark and whole wood.

Pine Bark Mulch
Pine Bark Mulch – A natural, dye free mulch made from real pine/spruce bark and whole wood.

Natural Black Mulch
Natural Black Mulch – A natural aged, dye free mulch made here at our facility from recycled wood products.

Enhanced Black Mulch
Enhanced Black Mulch – A colored mulch product made from recycled wood products here at our facility.

Mad Mics
Mad Mics – an organic composted mulch made from recycled horse bedding mixed with ground leaves.

playground mulch
Playground Mulch – fine ground, certified “kid safe” product made from whole wood.

Woodchips – chips from tree companies in our area.  Material varies in color and texture, but is a cheaper alternative for ground cover.