The types of organic mulch delivery and inorganic mulch delivery we provide and why you should be layering it on top of your soil…

Why Mulch?

The USDA defines mulch as “a protective layer of material that is spread on top of the soil.  They further define it in two categories.  Organic and Inorganic.  Examples of organic mulch are bark chips, straw, or grass clippings.  Examples or inorganic mulch are stone, fabric, or plastic.  Here are some benefits of mulch:

  • protect the soil surface and help stop raindrop erosion
  • feed crops and increase the crop yield
  • add organic matter to the soil
  • protect soil around new plantings
  • smother weeds
  • hold moisture in the soil

In recent years mulch has also assumed a decorative role in our landscapes.  However, it is important to remember the other reasons for it.  Here at Dexter and Harpell, we offer a diverse selection of mulch materials for both decoration and functionality.  Check out our mulch descriptions to learn more!

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